For more than 30 years, Computerized Controls Company has improved our lives indoors. 

Our projects unite mechanical design with building automation and controls to garner long term acclaim as efficient, reliable, resilient, comfortable, healthy and easy to operate.

You’ll often hear “never stop learning” around the office and it’s for good reason.  We are relentless in our efforts to do better everyday. 

Foundationally, we believe deeply in data and science, and philosophically we understand that ego and innovation don’t mix.

At Computerized Controls, we know great design demands extraordinary performance. 

Our collaborative approach allows net zero ready performance to be constructed at the same cost as buildings that meet basic code.

Together, our expertise will guide your design and build team to their greatest energy and wellness achievements.


Founded in 1994 by an award winning programmer and thought leader known for his pioneering work in energy conservation and building automation and controls, our firm’s work ranges from large-scale residential homes to leading-edge mechanical plants, tenant floors, commercial refits and new construction.

Raised on the water by a teacher, and a father who saw merchant service abroad in WWII, it's no surprise Bill’s professional story began aboard the newly launched Sturgeon-class fast attack submarine, USS Flying Fish (SSN-673). Initially hoping to train as an Electronics Technician, the Navy had other ideas. Bill would become a Nuclear Trained Machinist Mate and soon found himself tasked with the precise operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment aboard. Cross-trained on all systems and electrical rated, he came to understand the important relationship between mechanical and electrical systems, propulsion, steam turbines, air conditioning, valves, pumps and so on. It’s this holistic approach that still guides our work today. Inspired by his time in the Navy, Bill returned to civilian life as a chemical engineering student at the University of Maryland. Admiring his passion and talent, a professor connected him to a prominent software company. This connection proved pivotal as he was soon writing early Fortran programs. As a senior programmer he wrote the program that enabled input punch card data to be organized into a large database. This work was critical to early offshore oil lease bidding for the U.S. Geological Survey known as the LPR5 database. Bridging experience with continuing education Bill found success creating and leading the building automation division of a successful HVAC company. From there, he worked with Dr. Joseph Lindmayer of Solarex, a physicist and electrical engineer by training, who focused on harnessing energy from sunlight and focused laser beams. Innovating still, he began working with Dr. Lindmayer on the integration of solar energy and HVAC in the 1980’s. After becoming Vice President of various building automation firms, Bill founded Computerized Controls Company to advance an industry and our world.

Ultimately, for us, building automation and controls are tools to build a brighter future. An efficient, healthy and sustainable one.   


As a firm, we are committed to the goals and requirements of the AIA 2030 Challenge – to work toward a carbon neutral future by prioritizing the energy performance of our projects.