the future IS NOW

1441 L

Uncompromising in every sense.

Promotes health and productivity, fights disease and redefines high-performance at the same cost as buildings that meet basic code.

International Energy Conservation Code(IECC)
Climate Zone - Mixed-Humid - 4 

Sq. Ft.- 225,000

LEED Platinum

2020 Clean Energy Award

80% Reduction in Energy Consumption

Net Zero Ready

100% Fresh Air Ventilation in All Heating and Cooling Processes

100% Purge

Hospital-Grade Ventilation

Precise CO2, Temperature and Humidity Control

Energy Use Intensity(EUI) - 9.2

Actual Operating Cost- $0.77 per Sq. Ft.
12-Month Rolling Average

15,000 BACS Control Points

Circadian Rhythm Supportive LED Lighting

Multiple 60 inch Touchscreen User-Interface

60 kW Solar System, Operational June 2020

All Systems Designed and Built for Redundancy and Resilience

1 - Operating Engineer

See Clean Air in Buildings Challenge
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
March 2022

See 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Open Protocol Control

Electronically Commutated Motors

Air Flow Control

Magnetic Flow Meters 

Magnetic-Bearing Chillers

Counterflow Cooling Towers

Condensing Boilers

Dedicated Outside Air System with Energy Recovery 

Active Chilled Beams 

Energy Valves

Safe and Secure

Autonomous Operation


Variable Frequency Drives

Water Flow Control